Join our Monthly Office visit service and we will come to your offices to shine your staffs shoes @£3.50 a pair. Either desk to desk or place us in a meeting room and get your staff to drop off their shoes and collect them back within the hour. No disruption to your busy day and helps make your staff look more professional and gives your business that extra sharp image.


If you want to stand out at your next event then there is no better way to attract potential clients to your stand than a Shoeshine stand.Your business will not only be one of the main attractions but it will give you valuable time to promote your business to new clients who are sitting in one of our chairs. Giving you a captive audience is this simple.Whilst David is shining the shoes, Teresa is activly encouraging new clients into the next vacant chair and so brings in between 40 and 60 potential clients that would have just walked by.  The potential revenue can be huge, thats why our clients re-book us every year @450.00 a day (citycentre Manchester) 


Why not take a seat in one of our City centre bases here in Manchester. Not only do you get a great shine but it gives you 5 minutes to just relax and have a chat and watch the world go by.We pick our bases to fit in with our service so if you need a great haircut or a tailored made shirt why not get your shines here too.In a rush?  just drop off your shoes with us and pick them up later. P.S. We have an open door policy arrangment with our bases, which means you can pop into our bases just for a shine.


We openly encourage ladies to get in touch with us about their shoes/boots care and we are activly trying to change the image of Shoeshines from being an all male orientated service. Ladies spend so much on their appearence we feel its a shame not to go one step further and have their Boots polished and especially with the Manchester weather it will prolong the life of the boots, saving money on future purchases.


We are working on this new service at present, to see if its viable. But to give you an idea on how it might work. Post your shoes to us and we will shine the shoes and post back within 24 hrs. We invisage a cost of £10 a pair for this service. Would you pay this?