If we are not running around the city centre or at one of our bases, you will find us at home in the office thinking up ways to improve our service and ways to expand. By the end of July we think we will have doubled our bases to 4 and a 5th coming soon after.  We are also continuing our search for our very own recipie for polish.

When I get home from work our kitchen sometimes resembles a chemistry lab with concoctions on the cooker bubbling away and pots of samples to test. Teresa has been researching and testing new polishes for some time now and has become a bit of a chemistry geek and we feel we are close to a workable product. Of course we could just get the stuff made in india or china and just add our labels and our  marketing but wheres the fun in that. When we have found our recipie you will know it was made right here in Manchester , England.

This process takes time that sometimes we dont have, but Teresa refuses to settle for an inferior product and so we carry on. But this sometimes throws up surprises and she may have stumbled on to a winner, in fact we were up after midnight the other night and even opened a bottle of wine to celebrate this new product. It still needs a bit of work but if we get this particular product right we will be very happy.


Business has been slow with the heat wave here in Manchester, with everybody going onto dress down mode, with shorts and sandals/trainers everywhere.But on a brighter note we have been asked to place our chairs in 2 new sites, 1 in city centre and the other one in Media city. Hopefully this will build our presence up in the city and help spread our name around. We have been lucky so far with our sites as Flanagans on King street and The Gym on Portland street have stuck with us in these quite times and we are very grateful for this and hopefully business will pick up soon.

Our work on our very own Polishes carries on with the finished product in sight. The reason why this has taken so much longer than thought is that we came across a solution that could be huge , so we are keeping it under our hats for now, but we are testing new batches of polishes every night. We are hoping to get better at this Blogging as well so we are going to hopefully see some Pro Bloggers on Wednesday night.Having a pitch at St Johns is still in the pipeline but no news as yet but we are keeping our ears to the ground as this would certainly move us onto another level.

3 days in Birmingham

Had a great 3 days in Birmingham with PD Ports @NEC , met some great people. We were very busy but had some great fun and conversations. Dident really have time to walk round and check out the other exhibitors as the venue was huge, by far the biggest weve done in 4 years. Stayed at the IBIS Styles hotel next door, very comfy and the beer was very cold at a great price. Breakfast was top notch.


New Locations.

May 9, 2015

We are now based at Piccadilly Station, but we are also around the city centre.

You can also find us at Harvey Nichols, The Chancery building and the Belverdere.

Stockport mornings.

March 13, 2015

We have been at Stockport station for 5 weeks now and have really enjoyed working with Virgin trains again. I have met some great people and new friends at Stockport but unfortunatley am not making enough sales to justify staying there for too much longer. The staff of Virgin trains have as usual been fantastic and I will be sad to leave but business is business. Have met some fascinating people who im sure will remain friends for a long time. 

Stockport Station.

February 3, 2015

New morning base.

We are pleased to announce that we will have a regular chair at Stockport station from Monday 9th of Feb every weekday morning between 7am - 10am.

This is a huge opportunity for us to spread our brand outside Manchester City Centre. So if you commute from Stockport dont forget to take a seat before you board your train. We also offer our collections service as well, just drop your shoes with us before you travel and pick up the next day.

Hope to see some new clients try us out. 


blog post

February 1, 2015

Had a full day at the Phones4u Arena on Saturday.

First up was the National Gay Wedding Show between 10-30 and 4pm. Great day meeting some new people


February 1, 2015






Coming soon to a platform near you. Very pleased to announce that we will be at Stockport Train Station every weekday morning to shine your shoes before you set of on your journey.


January 9, 2015

Welcome to this article, I saw one Shoe shine guy in America do an article in Esquire and thought id do something similar, he had 13 points but he is American.

I started The Manchester Shoe Shine co in July last year and I have enjoyed every minute of it. It’s very nice to wake up each morning looking forward to the day’s work and the new people that I will meet. I have shined the shoes of the Homeless and the Millionaires, from Barristers to Strippers and everything in-between. Some weeks it brings me more happiness than cash and I find that that is ok with me, you just never know who will be the next person to sit in my chair and that makes my job exciting! And if they leave my chair with a smile then my work has been done. It’s as simple as that.

So here we go with my top ten reasons to be nice to your Shoe shine guy. I hope you the reader takes it in the same light heartedness that I’m writing it!


My prices are way too low, this is because you will be so surprised you can get this quality service at this price you will feel too guilty not to give me a tip.


              Asking me if I do this for a living is water of a ducks back to me now, please don’t patronize me if you’re sitting in a chair that cost more than your suit.



             You know the story, how you were in Istanbul or Delhi and a street urchin polished your shoes for 10p. We are in England so please act accordingly. I have shined the shoes of British military officers, I know my job.



             For the love of God, no more please.


5.       DOG MESS.

             You’d be surprised.


6.       TIPS?

             (see number 1)  I once did an event where I just asked to be paid what the client thought it was worth, some guy  gave me 86p, lesson learnt. My service is a professional one, if your happy with the shine then you’re happy with the service.



             I have no problem with putting in some elbow grease, but please be aware if your shoes are on the way out you may be  better off binning them.




8.       IN A HURRY?

             I have on more than one occasion polished the shoes of a speaker at an event, before they were due to address the  audience. You can guess the rest. Just let me know you are in a rush, the job might not be as good but hey.



             I’m always glad to meet new people, but I might not move in your world. So please don’t expect me to know who you are. I once asked the Shadow Minister of Defence what he was doing at political conference.



              Please on no circumstances leave my chair without asking for a business card or making another appointment.


blog post

January 8, 2015

January has started  and we already have two bookings, funnily enough on the same day at the same venue.

But its ok as one is daytime and one is evening so transportation charges are cheaper.


I think thee two events will raise the profile of the business hugely and im really looking forward to meeting new contacts there. Also as i do more and more events im learning that each event has its own purpose and that you have top buy into that purpose.

blog post

December 10, 2014

Working  all over town at the moment. from events to Office mornings  and a growing collections clientele.

I think we are certainly going in the right directions with the business and are getting some great feedback. Hoping to increase the number of chairs and to get some more stands built very soon. The big gamble is office space? Do we just go for it and hope we get clients to visit us? Unsure as to what to do at the moment. Its a big monthly amount to pay out for such a small company but we also feel that we are missing out on untapped income. 

I think we will gamble and move into premises in Spinningfields in the New year.


November 24, 2014

Trial day at Piccadilly came and went so quick.

We had a lot of inquiries  to see if we were going to be there permanently, we certainly hope so. The new chair and stand certainly made an impact and we had a few customers even though it was rush hour. The head of UK operations for TGI Fridays popped down to start his week off with a shine.


Piccadilly Station

November 20, 2014

We will be at Piccadilly station on Monday 24th Nov for the rush hour(7am-11am) for a days trial.

We would really like you to pop in for a quick shoe shine on your way to work and have a chat with us about our services. We will also be unveiling our new chair which is the more traditional style, which some of our clients have suggested. 

The more people we can get to take a seat, the more chance we have of getting a regular spot on the concourse, so we urge you to spend a few minutes with us. Of course we understand the need to get to work , especially on a Monday morning . So if you don't have time please feel free to take a photo and pop it up on social media for us as this will bring us in much needed exposure. Many thanks and we hope you have a great weekend.

Kind regards 



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From 6th march we will based in the lobby of the Renaissance Hotel every weekday from 7-10am. Had a meeting today and everything looks good, will be moving chair in at the weekend.


Still @ the gym on Mondays and wednesdays lunchtimes, starting to get regulars now, just need to get some flyers done for the front desk and some advertising on the Gyms website. not done any training myself last week as work was a bit hectic with new business enquiries, but will be back in this week to keep up on my 5k . Plus im gonna get myself one of these for when im on the treadmill.


Great couple of days at the gmex with the Northern Powerhouse conf 2017. Great to see so many clients from last year sitting back in the chair. Made many more contacts and got a few Event. bookings for the coming months. Also met a new contact who may be able to get our foot in the door @ media city, looking very promising. We did take a job in birmingham which im trying to avoid but the client was so nice I couldent refuse.

Northern powerhouse 2017

Just finished setting up for the Conference at the Gmex, the chair looks quite lonely atm but if its anything like last year we will be busy. Hoping to catch up with contacts and friends we met a year ago. At Northern powerhouse 16 we picked up a lot of work for the rest of the year and even bookings for this year as well. By the time we finish on Wednesday we hope to be moving some chairs into our new base, just waiting  on emails.