Hello and a warm welcome from myself & Teresa.

OK so you have spent a small fortune on your exhibition stand, venue space and staff wages plus expenses to showcase your business, now your just hoping to get footfall to visit you. Lets be honest we have all seen the bored staff member sitting on his phone whilst exhibiting, looking dejected and wishing it was all over. You need something to attract visitors and gain contacts and orders

Our Shoeshine chairs are perfect for exhibitions, not only is it a highly visable and valuable service to anyone who is wearing a pair of shoes, but it gives you the chance to have a decent 1 to 1 conversation with your next potential client. Whilst im shining their shoes and your in conversation with them , Teresa is out front lining up your next client by offering them a complimentary shoeshine. Once in the chair , they are all yours, a CAPTIVE audience so you can get your business across to them. Our clients have told us they see a 200/300% increase in traffic visiting their stands to discuss  business. If your paying out extras for your stand you need to see a good ROI, our clients are testament to that as they book us for events every year.

We offer various packages from full days/half days and Delegate welcome/Annual dinner and we cover the whole of the UK. So if your wondering about how to improve your presence at your next event or impress your guests then call us. 07758653434