After 25 years of looking after my three daughters and being a Househusband, I found myself in a strange position, not too sure with what to do with myself I scoured through the job pages with little success until one evening an amazing thing happened.
One of my daughters phoned to see if I was at home as she needed to see me urgently. My mind raced through the many thoughts and circumstances that any Dad would feel in this position. She finally arrived and placed a bag into my arms.

“Dad you have to do these boots for me!” she exclaimed. I opened the bag to find a sorry looking pair of boots that needed some TLC.

“Are you serious?” I asked.

 “ Dad I have this big meeting tomorrow in the office with this new client, if we get him it will mean so much business for me, I can’t meet him with scruffy shoes, I mean who’s going to take me seriously wearing them like that?”

I got to work on her favourite boots and if I say so myself by the end of the polishing they looked a treat. My daughter left for home a happy and confident young lady, as she left she turned and said

“You should do this for a living dad, turn it into a business, you’d make a fortune.”

She drove off before I could tell her not to be so cheeky. But the thought stuck with me and I was soon on Google doing some research. Could it be possible to start a small business doing something that I find relaxing and extremely satisfying?  The very next day The Manchester Shoe Shine Co was born.

My Daughter? Well she obviously takes all the credit for the business as she always likes to remind me but she also met her big client, closed the deal and got a promotion on the top of it. Now there is a myth in my mind that the new client signed the contract because of the polished shoes and maybe even commented something like

” "Anyone who takes that much pride in their shoes deserves my business.” But we will never know for sure, will we?

By the way we now cover Events, Conferences, Business breakfasts/lunch/diner , Drink receptions and anything you can think of, give me a call.