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Manchester Piccadilly.

Just got the go ahead to start  operating from the Virgin first class lounge @ Manchester  Piccadilly on Mon,Tue and wed mornings so if your on your way to London by Train, Pop in and get your shine before you travel. 

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Holiday season?

With the holiday season, comes the empty appointment book. It has been a difficult month,that's for sure. But with the season over im optimistic.

Key to the city will be advertising my services to thousands from tomorrow and im also booked in at an event for two days. Virgin trains should give m…

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New home.

Really looking foward to moving into our new offices in Spinningfeilds later this year.

Hoping for October 1st. It will certainly mean a big move for the company to be in such a central location an not to mention being in the heart of the business district of Manchester. We viewed a few offices t…

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Key to the City

Met up with Lee Gilbert earlier and have now joined the" Key to the City" . Lee has a   fantastic business which offers promotions to any card holder. Looking foward to working with him and his clients as The Manchester Shoe Shine Company will be offering  a discount to all of lees clients. Hopefu…

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New Frontiers.

August  brings us new frontiers. We will be heading down to the big smoke in August to tell all the business men about Manchester. Before they board their Virgin train they will have the Manchester shoe shine experience. Will also be mentioning some of our best bars and restaurants.


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Venue Expo.

1-2 September 2014
Manchester, EventCity

Hopefully we will be at this event, so why not come and visit us. We will be in the main reception area and its only £ 5 per pair with 50% going to charity.  

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Had a great meeting with Virgin trains where we discussed our service and how we could both  win. We should have some really good news soon.

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Business growth hub

Had a great meeting with Andy Hall today at the beautiful Churchgate house on Oxford road. Andy is helping me with various things in the business including finding me a Mentor which should be interesting. Im sure after todays meeting with the Hub ive already got new skills to make my business more…

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Media city

One of the best things about my business is the great places I visit during my working day.Media City is a fantastic place with stunning veiws. Looking foward to working there more in the future. 


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Busy days ahead

Manchester, just a great place to work in.

I've been networking all over between jobs and grabbing lunch where ever i can.The night sevice is new but i believe its worth the extra hours to make Manchester shine. 

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Great contacts.

I met some really nice guys at this event and hopefully I will be doing business with them again for many years.I was really nervous about this event but the team there at Manchester 235 casino put me at my ease.With their professionalism and manners I had a great day. 

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Fantastic response.

Justin J. Carter.

Manager at the Manchester 235 casino, was our very first client at our first event,and what a nice guy . 


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Manchester 2325 Casino



I think the new look chairs fitted in really well at this event. Unfortunately couldn't get Matt  in the chair,but for our first event it went really well and we can only get stronger and better.


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Having to sit in at home waiting on delivery of another shine chair. Have a business lunch @ the Midland Hotel on Thursday and hoping I may get a breakthrough.


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Chippy needed.


Going to put an ad on gumtree for a carpenter to build me a small stage for the chair to go on. May even push the boat out and get them to put castors on the back so im portable…lol 

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Business Networks and Associations

Last month I joined the 'Business-Network' and have had so much good feedback from other members. Closer to home I also joined Northenden business association which is run by Tyler Lappage who is somebody I had met at the Lowry hotel. Had a beer after the meeting and may have got my first client.

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Thanks to Luke and Steve.

Had a great lunch and afternoon at the Lowry Hotel in Manchester last week and met some new contacts and hopefully friends. Had an interesting conversation with the Palace hotel which could lead to something big. Also Steve Allan is helping me with introductions at the Science Park which is very m…

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First Post

I've spent a long time thinking about this idea and finally decided to jump in. This was never a financial idea. More an idea of my own business, something I created and hopefully build into a successful enterprise. There will be some interesting times ahead and I look forward to all of them.  

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