High praise indeed!

I have many people sitting in my chairs. From the Homeless (free of charge) to senior Politicians, but some make me more nervous than others.

Recently a Gentleman made himself comfortable in one of my chairs and as I brushed his shoes down I enquired about his profession. He explained to me that he had been a high ranking officer in the British army but had now retired and was working for a charity. How do you clean an ex-army officers shoes to such a standard that he will be pleased? I did my shine to the best of my ability and the gentleman went on his way. Ten minutes later another gentleman sat down and we started to talk and he said that his boss had just had his shoe shined and suggested that he should also visit me. This second gentleman was ex Sgt major in the British army and to be honest I was worried. I mean you don’t get more polished than the British army, they drill it into you about the shine on your shoes. Happily the gentleman left with full of praise for the shine.

Now if you can please the army with one of your shines, you’ve done a good job!




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