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New Locations.

We are now based at Piccadilly Station, but we are also around the city centre.

You can also find us at Harvey Nichols, The Chancery building and the Belverdere.

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Stockport mornings.

We have been at Stockport station for 5 weeks now and have really enjoyed working with Virgin trains again. I have met some great people and new friends at Stockport but unfortunatley am not making enough sales to justify staying there for too much longer. The staff of Virgin trains have as usual be…

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Stockport Station.

New morning base.

We are pleased to announce that we will have a regular chair at Stockport station from Monday 9th of Feb every weekday morning between 7am - 10am.

This is a huge opportunity for us to spread our brand outside Manchester City Centre. So if you commute from Stockport dont forget …

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Had a full day at the Phones4u Arena on Saturday.

First up was the National Gay Wedding Show between 10-30 and 4pm. Great day meeting some new people

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Coming soon to a platform near you. Very pleased to announce that we will be at Stockport Train Station every weekday morning to shine your shoes before you set of on your journey.

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Welcome to this article, I saw one Shoe shine guy in America do an article in Esquire and thought id do something similar, he had 13 points but he is American.

I started The Manchester Shoe Shine co in July last year and I have enjoyed every minute of it. It’s very nice to wake up each morning lo…

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January has started  and we already have two bookings, funnily enough on the same day at the same venue.

But its ok as one is daytime and one is evening so transportation charges are cheaper.


I think thee two events will raise the profile of the business hugely and im really looking forward…

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Working  all over town at the moment. from events to Office mornings  and a growing collections clientele.

I think we are certainly going in the right directions with the business and are getting some great feedback. Hoping to increase the number of chairs and to get some more stands built very…

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Trial day at Piccadilly came and went so quick.

We had a lot of inquiries  to see if we were going to be there permanently, we certainly hope so. The new chair and stand certainly made an impact and we had a few customers even though it was rush hour. The head of UK operations for TGI Fridays pop…

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Piccadilly Station

We will be at Piccadilly station on Monday 24th Nov for the rush hour(7am-11am) for a days trial.

We would really like you to pop in for a quick shoe shine on your way to work and have a chat with us about our services. We will also be unveiling our new chair which is the more traditional style, …

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Port Sunlight

Port Sunlight.

Our first event outside Manchester was at the beautiful village of Port Sunlight. It was a huge success and I met some great people and the shoeshine chairs were a big hit. We had a Que of people from 10 am till 4pm but luckily the people who had arranged the day kept the coffee co…

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Crombie Event 23/10/2014

Great feedback from our appearance at the Crombie event.

Thanks to all the great people at Crombie, Manchester, King street for making us feel so welcome. We met some great people  who im sure will use us in the future. 

Hoping to do many more events there as well.

Please click here for som…

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Policy Event

Policy holder day.

Really looking forward to attending this event at Manchester central conference centre next week. Events are certainly taking over our day to day business this month and with bookings coming in for next month as well, we feel it is a strong side of the business,


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Crombie have become our latest clients.

Im so pleased to say that we have been invited by Crombie to attend their event next week. This is a huge plus for us and brings the business closer to achieving our aim to be a respected service co to the Manchester business scene.


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High praise indeed!

I have many people sitting in my chairs. From the Homeless (free of charge) to senior Politicians, but some make me more nervous than others.

Recently a Gentleman made himself comfortable in one of my chairs and as I brushed his shoes down I enquired about his profession. He explained to me that …

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First class shine.

Just spent a great three mornings at Virgin First Class Lounge in Piccadilly, Manchester. The new banner seems to have been worth the money as it looked great and raises my image. Lots of hits on the website as well. Would like to thank Nicola Griffiths for her support and help. 



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Hitting the big time with the Labour party conference. This year being held at the gmex, we will be at stand 165 for the full 4 days of the conference.

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